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You are Imperfectly Perfect!

TaraTaylor001Hello, it’s me again, the girl that shouts out, “Hey, the ego isn’t so bad”.

I am all about loving your ego instead of trying to rid yourself of ego because frankly, I tried it for half of my life and it is a waste of time!

I believe we are in a time right now where we are all tired of having to rid ourselves of something in order to become perfect or enlightened.

You see, without your ego, how would you know what you are fearful of? And if you didn’t have fear, how would you know what you were here to accomplish?

Sure, you will have ego moments, even the holiest of the holy do. What really matters is what you do with that ego thought… that is the real secret here! We cannot change the fact that we will have imperfect thoughts and that our egos will get triggered, as we have created our world with this behavior filled with fixed beliefs. What we can do is look at the ego in a different way and use it to help us learn and understand ourselves better.

Your ego is meant to challenge your infinite self, so that you can remember what it is that you are here to overcome in this lifetime. Your ego will only be triggered by things in your life that you are here to work on. That is why we do not have all the same fears.

Look at your ego as a source of sneaky wisdom. In its own strange way, it is here to help you! When your ego gets triggered by someone or something in your life, it means it is something you are meant to heal, deal with and overcome.

When you have an ego/fearful thought, thank your ego for showing you your fears so that you can better understand your purpose. For example, if your ego says, “You cannot do that because you are not ___,” say, “Thank you, ego, I now know what I need to do,” and do the exact opposite of what your ego is telling you not to do. The more often you do this, the more balanced, freer and happier you will become… I can promise you that!

You see, this is the simple secret spiritual teachers use consciously or unconsciously. Our egos still trigger us just like anyone else, we are not better than anyone else (even though that’s what your ego might like you to think), we have just figured out how to work with the ego and understand its true purpose, which is to give you the opposite of your true Self so you can remember what you are here to accomplish.

So a call to action my friend, please STOP right now trying to rid yourself of your ego and start loving the whole you, for you are imperfectly perfect and enlightened… just as every other soul on this earth is!

Love, be love and unite!

Blessings, love and light,



Tara Taylor is an international intuitive counselor & published author of Through Indigo’s Eyes & Becoming Indigo. Connect with Tara via her website, Facebook, and Twitter.