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You are more powerful than the jerks in your life!

mk_treesI recently got an email from someone talking about a toxic relationship they were in and they were asking me what would do. She said this about her partner: “He is making me so negative.”

Now, if you’ve been reading TDL for any amount of time – tell me what about this statement is keeping this woman trapped? Is it him? Is it the circumstance? Is he REALLY making her so negative?

The answer is NO. The only person keeping her down is herself. No one can make her feel ANYTHING without her consent.

So we did some email work and within three emails we got her to see that she was the one keeping herself stuck in this negative relationship. We outsource the blame to others many times because we are afraid of change and because it’s SO much easier to blame someone else than to take responsibility for the circumstance and then risk facing the unknown.

But being able to face the unknown is what The Uni-verse is calling you to do at a soul level. Love is what you were born to have, but you will never have it if you don’t love yourself enough to take responsibility for the circumstances of your life and understand that you are continuing to choose yourself into them. Even if you are in a situation that was totally outside of your control at first, your choice to stay in that circumstance, in that mindset and in that pattern is up to you. The choice to change is yours in every moment.

Many times we are so busy blaming other people that we don’t see that we hold ourselves hostage within this blame. We have been given the incredible power of choice, to choose our life, to co-create it with the Loving Uni-verse that has our back. We have forgotten in those dark moments that everything happens FOR us instead of TO us. We have forgotten that the only things holding us back in life is not our circumstances, but our beliefs about our circumstances. And when we change the beliefs and take constant and persistent action towards them – we change our lives for GOOD!

If you are stuck in blaming other people – make a list of all the things you blame them for. And then turn it around and see that it is you who is keeping yourself hostage with this blame. The idea is not to blame yourself now, no. The idea is to take your power back by taking responsibility for the circumstance and then asking what you actually want. And then creating a new belief system and pattern of action that brings about what you really want.

So, how can you take your power back today? Who have you been blaming and when would NOW be a good time to change?

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