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You Are The Conductor Of Your Life – Take Control Today!

JoeyParker-051112Never let those around you begin to define your success. You’re the sole creator to what is to come.

In life we all will have moments of despair, heartache, and just those unsettling feelings that damper our day, but it’s in our power to turn it all around. Unleashing our inner Oprah will begin to transform our lives for the better. Living a life through a positive lens will provide so much clarity.

Life can be so, so challenging at times but it’s important for us to try and uncover the good around us. When my mom was diagnosed with cancer back in February, I had two choices: I could drive myself into a depression by constantly focusing on the “why’s”, or begin to try to shift my thinking into a more positive approach  As hard as it was, by being grateful for my mom’s constant love and many incredible life lessons she has rained upon me, the cloudiness of the difficult time we faced began to fade for me.

When we focus on the good, we attract just that. People may cast their criticism as you head down your journey, but understand that the only thing that is going to stop you from reaching your greatest goals is yourself. Rise above these dream-killers who are inevitable in life.

Stepping into your own can be a scary process. People love to criticize your dreams, but it’s important to leap forward no matter what. When you own your journey, the anxieties of what others think will begin to fade away.

Understand that each one of us is riddled with imperfections, and that is what makes this eclectic world that much brighter. You matter, your story matters, you are here for a reason.

Walt Disney says it best, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt trusted in his vision and created one of the most recognizable brands across the world. Through many obstacles and failures he was able to turn his mouse into a reality.

Our greatest dreams often come with a wave of fear, but in order to grow into these dreams we must trust in them. Taking risks is imperative in excelling towards life’s biggest accomplishments. If you never take the leap, you are holding yourself back from the bright future that awaits. Dare to dream big.

The unknown will throw many curve balls, and at times we will fail, but we are still in control. Stop making excuses, and start making strides forward.

Failure is a part of the path towards success. I believe every setback is setting you up for your next bigger and bolder move. It’s up to YOU to continue moving forward.

Pick up the pieces and create the empire you dream of, the life you have always wanted. People may try to doubt your every move, but I believe in you.

No artist masters their craft overnight. Through hard work, passion and persistence you can reach the finish line.




Joey Parker is editor-in-chief of The Joey Parker Movement and contributing writer for MTV Act. He is passionate about ending human trafficking & creating a brighter future.  Find Joey at  http://www.thejoeyparkermovement.comFacebook, and @TheJoeyParker.