You complete YOURSELF!

mk_treesLove is complete. Your soul mate doesn’t “complete you” – your soul mate is a reflection of you. Be whole, not a half.

So many people run around looking for someone “to complete them.” But the thing is, we are all just fallible human beings, so no one will ever complete you or live up to your expectations.

That is why it is so important to keep our eyes on The Uni-verse and Its Love for us. The Love of The Uni-verse never changes. Other people change, other people mess up, but The Uni-verse is constantly on our side, Loving us and showing us how we can grow even closer to happiness and Love.

Our aim should be to not seek and chase for Love, but to BE IT. This means self-love first. True Love isn’t setting HUGE expectations of someone else that they always make you happy and fulfilled.

True Love is being so full of self-love and the Love of The Uni-verse that you have more than enough Love to hold your own darkness and light and the darkness and light of the other people. True Love is radical acceptance of yourself and the person you are in a relationship with. (Tweet-worthy!)

To look for someone to complete you is to deny your innate potential to be an already full and integrated being. You are giving someone else a power that only you have.

The Jerry McGuire type of Love can happen, but it’s a setup for all kinds of dysfunction. We have no idea how they did after the movie ended, do we?

Also, making someone else the source of your fulfillment means that if they are not having a good day, acting in integrity or desiring to grow, then you are stuck. It’s a giant anchor holding you down.

In relationship, we either grow together or we grow apart. The Uni-verse is constantly guiding us to greater and greater awareness or ourselves and, as a result, our Highest Potential. Relationships are containers for growth, not containers for proving how much pain you can endure for someone else.

When we make it someone else’s responsibility to complete us, it is easy to blame them, but the blame really belongs on us for giving them that power in the first place.

Let’s take our power back and take our eyes off of ourselves and our partners and remember the Source from which we came and which we are all a part of right now. We are a drop of water coming home to the beautiful ocean from which we came. In doing so, we can merge into a wave and do far more connected to this Source than we ever could do alone or with another person.

How can you take your power back today?

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Love and self-love from Maui,


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Mastin Kipp is the CEO and Founder of The Daily Love. Follow him on Twitter here.

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  • LamontBaldwin

    Mastin, you have no idea how much I needed to read this today. A higher power spoke to me through you with this post. Thank you so very much..

    • The Daily Love

      That’s so great to hear! Thank you for reading! -TDL Team

  • Renae Marlowe

    I am struggling on a daily basis trying to find myself, how do I get on the right path to finding self love?

    • Carlos Gonzalez

      I’m 57 at I’m still discovering new things about myself– daily. I have had my share of trouble and strife in my life. ( a lot of it self-inflicted). I’ve made some good choices in life, but I’ve also made some dumb ones. It’s all part of my life and the path I’m on. We are traveling through this life at a maddening pace. When life gets out of sorts for me, I slow it down. Breathe and get in touch with my heart– and trust what it is feeling. As Matin has says “keep your heart open despite any risks”. And as I like to say “lead with your heart”. Your heart will never mislead you. Wishing everone a fantastic day!
      With love and respect.

  • Renata Dmytrasz

    You’ve expressed the truth of ‘living your love’!!! I believe more strongly than ever that Love is not something ‘external’ to seek, but something ‘internal to Live’! I embrace and actually enjoy being single at this time in my life – I’m doing so much growing. In the past, I’ve found myself ‘loosing myself’ in a relationship – now I’m celebrating finding myself!!!

    • The Daily Love

      Thank you for sharing your journey, Renata! -TDL Team

  • David H. Breaux

    Hi Mastin,

    You didn’t see Jerry McGuire Part II? 🙂

    I hear you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the Love behind them.

    With compassion,
    David H. Breaux

    • The Daily Love

      Thank you for reading, David! -TDL Team

  • David Negaard

    Right on! And you’re posting it from the place that has claimed me, and where I’ve found the trailhead for my own journey in this direction, Maui! Aloha!

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for reading, David! -TDL Team

  • Eve4199

    You did it again Mastin. This is timely. I was in a relationship with a man who had a very close relationship with the mother of his daughter. I was very respectful of this, but after more than two months she didn’t know about me. He told me I came first but when he got sick the one he called wasn’t me. When I asked if I could see him he said, no because she was coming. He was shutting me out to spare her feelings. In the past I would have tried to prove how understanding and “nice” I was but I have done so much work to feel whole again that I couldn’t let the pain of being third in a relationship, with someone I loved and clearly wanted more from, continue. I told him I loved him but I need to be with someone open to loving me back. I’m okay, and blogs like yours are helping. Thanks.

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for sharing your experience and thank you for reading! -TDL Team

  • I can totally tell that you’re in Maui from the tone of voice in your writing, me like! No need to use another person as your source of inspiration when you can access The Source ;-).

    One thing that this post makes me think of is that not only do we collectively need to stop looking for another to complete us, but also ALLOW another to be complete. So many times the last five years or so, I have met men who think they should “help” or complete me by their own assumptions on how they think I should be and love them and when I say no, I often become called names to cover up their own false sense of trying to control or their version of helping without even asking me what I want in the relationship. Being Love means to also not attempt to “fix” someone else.


    • The Daily Love

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us Alexandra! Thank you for reading! -TDL Team

  • Sage advice I’ve received both whilst I was single and in a relationship is to find ways to meet my own needs, so as I avoid handing my power over to another. The temptation is there regardless of your relationship status, to allow someone or something else to fulfil us. I do know now that I’m the only one who can do that, and YES definitely my relationship with the Universe is essential in feeling connected.

    • The Daily Love

      Thank you for sharing your insights, Sarah! -TDL Team

  • Funny thing is that I never really liked that whole “Jerry MacGuire” mentality… I finally figured out why and this proves it. HAHA! 😉

    Big Love,