You Don’t Get What You Wish For In Life – You Get What You BELIEVE!

You don’t get what you wish for in life – you get what you believe.

And that can be a tad scary at first because we have all these desires in life, but we also often have conflicting belief systems that get triggered once we have a desire.

So if our belief system is not in alignment with our desire, we’ll cancel out our desire each time because the belief system is the dominating energy or force that has the most leverage in our experience.

Sometimes this understanding makes people wonder, “Well, why go after my dreams then?”

But if we can understand the nature of a belief system, we can understand how to change it and put in its place a new belief that will support our most heart-filled desires.

Think of beliefs (and desires) as quantum energy waves, which are all potential!

And that’s what everything on this planet is – a bunch of quantum particles and waves being manifested as matter.

Our beliefs have the ability to crystallize our thought waves into particles.


Because they are the expectations of how we see our world. We expect to see them in our life.

If you have a belief system that only “this can happen” or you want a boyfriend but believe, “I’m never going to find one,” or you want to book an acting job but your belief is, “I’m not good enough,” the experiences in your life are going to bear out that belief system.  You’ll keep missing the boyfriend and keep losing out on the job.

Science tells us that once a thing is observed, it becomes the thing. So those beliefs become the very things that we keep observing in our experiences in life.

Beliefs have so much energy around them because we’ve been carrying them around unchecked for such long periods of time, that their job is to protect us and continue to create our world the way our belief system is built to believe. Its job is to serve us the way we want (subconsciously) to be served.

Of course, this is what’s maddening about life! A higher part of us wants these things we desire. We want to live a glorious life with creative victories and a lover to share them with and the ability to take a trip to the south of France.

But our belief systems do their subconscious work and keep us missing those desires we crave because the belief is embedded in our core.

This is why creating often feels haphazard, at best. Yes, sometimes our desires do manifest, just by the sheer tenacity of our willpower and perseverance. But there often seems to be such a struggle in many areas that we consciously feel should be easier to achieve.

Look at the history of humanity. Prevailing beliefs win out until someone comes along to challenge the dominating belief system. The world was flat until someone challenged that belief system. (Thank The Uni-verse for the Greeks and Eratosthenes who was ahead of his time, but no one listened anyway.) The earth was the center of the solar system – until Copernicus developed the sun-centered model.

So take heart. If the most stubborn of belief systems eventually could be changed, then you can change yours.

A belief may seem inflexible, but all we have to do is take it out, rewire it and then reintroduce a new concept in its place. Sounds hard? Not really.

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Anthony Meindl is an award-winning writer/director/producer/teacher and Artistic Director of Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop – where the “right brain rules” – in Los Angeles and New York. He is endlessly inspired by his students’ fearless creativity and is tireless in discovering new ways to help us all get out of our own way a little bit more each day. He just finished writing/directing his first feature film, Birds of A Feather.

  • Jelena Zivanovic

    “There is something you’re getting in not getting what you want!”- brilliant!! Now I’ve found one  thing to think about, or better to say- to break my head while trying to find the answer today!:) Great video and post Anthony!!

  • Williamdburch

    Regarding this blog, We all know that it is your beliefs that affect your outcome. But I have never understood how you can change what you believe.

    Regarding the video, I can honestly say that nothing anyone has ever said or done affects my outcome. My outcome is fact.

    • “My outcome is fact.” Yes! Thanks for reading William, good thoughts

  • This is a great post! I have, only recently, been able to begin to change my beliefs but I still struggle with them. It’s frustrating because I can catch myself doing it. I will tell myself that I can be a writer and I will hear a small voice in my mind say, “you’ll never get readers.” But, I’ve learned to challenge that small voice. I will say, “Why won’t I get readers when other people have done it?” I have to remind myself that anything is possible. I douse the fire of self-doubt with a wave of positive reinforcement in my mind. My first step to changing my beliefs was to understand that my mind was always trying to protect me, but it was protecting me like an overzealous parent that thinks keeping me from doing anything is the same as keeping me safe. I don’t fight against my mind. I simply do the same thing I do with my parents now. I say thank for you that and I do what I want anyway. 

  • M1ssmabell

     I know that I earnestly want what I want and am PO’d at the Universe for not providing me with it –  it’s a positive thing that would not affect  anyone else  only benefit my family and I-  can’t think of any pay off  in  not getting it , so will do soul search to once again blame myself  for failing to manifest the thing I want.  

    • Juliakula08

      You’re anger at the universe is the obstacle! Let go of your expectations and the need to control the outcome and it will happen. Without letting go of the need for that which we desire we are unable to receive…do it what do you have to lose except all your angst?!

  • Damascus Girl

    For years, I believed in this theory.  It is what kept me going throughout my 30s — that some day, I will find a life partner, and some day, I will have children!  As the years inched toward my 40th birthday, I kept my hope alive, and believed that there would be a way, a path would open up for me — even though I had never really had a relationship before. 
    Well, I’m now 42, and there is no life partner — and definitely no babies!  And there probably will never be any babies, given my age.
    Not only did my belief system not manifest into something positive, but I never came close!  How funky is that?
    New year – new dreams?  Unlikely.

    • It’s never too late. Thanks for reading Damascus Girl!

  • Jaison

    Love this post!

  • Ali

    Great post. I know that my whole life’s belief is from my parents, childhood environment and circumstances, it’s like passed on and inherited from past generations but does not serve me anymore. I am now dealing with changes in my belief, I have to deal with strongholds, new territories, an overhaul and sometimes I feel like the universe is against me, but I have to believe that this is a new alignment and I have to go on since knowing where I am now, I cannot go back there any more.

    I am in the wilderness, the transition position.

    But I believe that when I have completely renounced my past belief, no more doubts then I am in a new alignment with the universe which will then align to my belief and work with me.

    Pray for me!

    • Thanks for sharing, Ali – yes, letting go of old belief systems that don’t work for you anymore is a powerful step 

  • Interesting blog and video ~  just wondering if the emotion attached to the hidden agreements are what keep them lodged in place more than just the thoughts themselves.

  • Hanifah

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo powerful Thank you Anthony.  I do understand, I am going to continue to work to put my beliefs in into frurition.