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Your Internal GPS System!

Morgan McKeanHave you ever felt stuck or lost and thought, “Geez, why couldn’t I have been born with some kind of compass or GPS system that can direct me towards my desired experiences?”

If the answer is “Yes!” – then do I have some fabulous news for you!

Each of us was born with an internal GPS system that lets us know where we are in consciousness and helps us to navigate our life experiences – it’s called our emotions. Similar to a car or mobile phone’s GPS, our emotions provide us with moment-to-moment navigational advice, though rather than giving us specific directions, they provide guidance through an emotional feedback system of feelings.

So, how exactly does this system work?

Our feelings serve as an internal feedback system letting us know whether or not the thoughts we’re thinking are leading us in the direction of our desired experiences. If you feel off-balance, stressed, scared, anxious, or let’s face it, anything less than love and happiness, that is your internal GPS system letting you know that your thoughts are not on track with what you want to experience. Accordingly, when we feel happy, or are in a state of joy, serenity or bliss, these are signals letting us know that the thoughts we are thinking are leading us to our desired reality.

While you may highly covet the feelings of love, success and happiness because they make you feel good, every emotion we feel serves a purpose as each feeling is meant to let us know where our thoughts are leading us. When your thoughts are on track with your desires, your GPS system provides you with a range of positive feelings, which then elevates your consciousness to the place it needs to be to keep you on your path. However, when you experience negative feelings, or those emotions that make you feel ‘less than,’ that means your current thought stream is leading you towards an experience, or responding to your current one, as an undesirable thing.  Therefore, whenever you feel anything less than love, peace and happiness, that’s your clue to check into your thought stream to see where you need to refocus your thoughts and ideas back towards the things that you want to experience.

Feeling stressed and anxious about creating your desired experiences?

Here are some simple steps that will recalibrate your GPS system, and get you back to a state of happiness:

1. Still your physical body.
2. Find a quiet space, even if it’s only in your head.
3. Begin to take deep breaths, matching the length of the inhale and exhale.
4. Close your eyes, and begin to still your emotions until they feel as smooth as glass.
5. Focus solely on your breath and repeat the words to yourself:
6. Stay in this space until you feel your thought stream fill up with those ideas that allow you to feel happy.

Because The Daily Love is a place we give and receive love and support, I invite you to share your ideas for how to recalibrate your internal GPS and get yourself back on the road to your desired experiences.

To your spirit & success!



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Morgan McKean is an intuitive healer, spiritual mentor, author and the creator of the Spiritually Irresistible, a spiritual program designed to expand the awareness of any woman looking to wake up to her own consciousness. Also founder of the daily inspirational “Living Clear” and the creative mind behind Living Clear Greetings, Morgan’s mission is to offer spiritual ideas for fabulous living, so that women can create a life of increased love, success and happiness.

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