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Your Life Depends On The Choices You Make!

Drew ParalesAhh, choices. You know that each choice that we make in our lives determines how they turn out. Sometimes decisions take us down the “right” path, sometimes a “not so good” path. Do you have choices in your life today in ANY area of your life? Are you conflicted about which choices to make? Well, let’s talk!

I remember when I was younger, I would live carelessly and fly by the seat of my pants EVERY DAY, not worrying about ANY of the consequences or rewards that would come of my daily behavior. In my early days, I would party like it was 1999, (Thanks, Prince!)

I would eat without discrimination and get so full that my guts would be busting at the seams. I would yell, scream, throw tantrums, not caring how my actions were affecting other people around me.

I would sit around and be hypnotized by TV programming, and let media and fairytales dictate the way I dreamed and what I wanted.

I would look in the mirror and say THE MOST HORRIBLE things to myself. Like how worthless, disgusting and old I was.

Many times when I tell stories about this people I meet, they are shocked at the things I tell them. And they would not believe that is the CHOICE of words I would have for myself every day.

Yes, I have turned it around. But it took work. LOTS of it. And it took dedication to myself that I have NEVER experienced before in my life. And as the saying goes, I’m still a work in progress, and honestly always will be!

The best teachers are the best students. And they always want to learn!

But, as I say when I tell my tales of the sad crap I put myself through, I realize now, that it was ALL choice. I CHOSE to say those things. I CHOSE to sit around and get fat. I CHOSE to eat without determining what the food I was eating was doing to me. I CHOSE to not progress in my job or pursue my dreams.

I dreamed of something better. I wanted an abundant and productive life. I wanted to be fit and run marathons. I wanted, I wanted, I wanted. But I chose poorly for myself every step of the way.

Like many of you, I have had my share of traumatic and sad events in my life. Many of those events I DIDN’T choose to have happen to me. I mean, who asks for a broken heart? Who asks to be cheated on? Who asks to be verbally and emotionally abused? Who asks to get their cars stolen? Who asks to have businesses, friendships, and relationships fail? Who asks to be overweight?


But the trick here is, how we CHOOSE to react to them. How we choose to behave in the aftermath of our dramas. How we choose to treat people AND ourselves. Ok, ok! Again, I am saying something that you have heard time and time again.

But my first question to you is: What have you done about any of these situations to make your life better and lovingly move on from the events in your life that knocked you over?

Think about this with me. We have these experiences that pretty much rock our worlds, then we have a period of healing. It is SO OK and honestly NEEDED to have some downtime walking through a terrible experience. Yes. And my coaching recommendation is PLEASE DO. It is needed.

But how long are you staying there? How long are you going to let something you had no control over be the dictator of how you lead your life, what you feel, and how it turns out?

Brings me to my second question for you: If your life depended on the choices you make, what would you change?

For example: If your life depended on the thoughts you think and the way you feel about yourself. would you change them? If your life depended on the kind of food, or the amount you eat because your body will function properly, would you choose quality food?

If your happiness and the progress of your life depended on who you chose to keep in your life, would you keep them around? If your body needed exercise every other day or a yoga or meditation class, would you attend so that you could have peace of mind and as close to an optimally functioning body as possible?

If your finances and health depended on waking up at certain time every day to create them, would you do it? If you wanted to continue to live in your home, and you were unemployed, would you be looking for a job constantly every day, REGARDLESS of the amount of rejections you got?

I think you see my point! ūüėČ Because what I want to say here is this: YOUR LIFE DOES DEPEND ON THE CHOICES YOU MAKE! You may not feel or see the consequences of not taking action now, but sooner or later it catches up with you.

You have control over the quality of the life you lead that is what is at stake here! (Tweet-worthy!)

You may be saved every day by a kind word or compliment from a stranger to lift you up. But that is temporary. You could even drink green juices for a couple of days and hit the gym at the same time, but it might not make that huge a difference, if you didn’t choose EVERY DAY to stay with it.

That business or creative endeavor is not going to create itself, nor will someone come knocking on your door to give you opportunity. If you don’t choose to make a difference in your life today, and every day. You could very well be sitting at home and plate spinning.

Don’t even get me started on relationships! LOL Are you choosing every day to grow together instead of apart? Yes, my friends… That is a choice too…

There is always a choice, and the quality of your life depends on whether or not you stay, go or work it out in these relationships!

Here is one my favorite quotes:

“We either make ourselves happy or miserable. The amount of work is the same.” – Carolyn Castaneda

We are given choices every moment of the day. The option to live as quality of life as you want is brought to you in the form of decisions. No one has ever said that any decision would be easy. Many times they are not. You’ll need to navigate the path of your life to see what choices in your life will be viable ones, minimal ones, and life-changing ones.

Choose today to give yourself the quality of life you want! You deserve it… So much. Now I am not asking you to pretend the entire way through your life. But what I am asking you to do is see that you have options, and recognize that we are the only ones that hold the key to the “steel bars” that we standing behind.

We have the key! We just have to insert, turn, and set ourselves free. Oh- what is it I like to say? Oh yeah- LIBERATE yourself. Remember that the walls you are standing behind are the ones you built. If you choose, take a mental sledgehammer and knock down the SH** out of those walls!

When you make choices, ask yourself: “If my life depended on it, what would I change?” And could you start today? Let me know in the comments!

With GREAT Love,



Andrew ‚ÄúDrew‚ÄĚ Parales is the Creator and Mentor/Coach of ‚Äúi LOVE Liberation‚ÄĚ specializing in Personal Growth and Fitness! He is also a vocational rehab educator for students with disabilities in transition & employment, and the school site program events coordinator/trainer. Connect with Drew at:¬†¬†and on Facebook:¬†iLOVELiberation¬†and Twitter:@iLOVEliberation