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Your Spirit Yearns To Be Fully Expressed In This Lifetime

Ryf Van RijEach one of us is nature’s greatest miracle.

No one on the planet will ever walk like us, talk like us, see things the way we do, have a heart like ours or think exactly the way we think. We are indeed very unique creatures.

Within each of us is a burning desire. It’s a Universal desire which has been a constant calling across the generations. That desire is the deep yearning within to become more than we currently are. It’s a desire of our spirits to be more fully expressed in this lifetime. The fact that each one of us is so uniquely different is something we need to celebrate. When we attempt to be something we’re not or when we attempt to emulate someone else, it will never ring true and it’s completely unsustainable.

I knew since I was a little boy that I was being called spiritually. I felt like a misfit in the world of my parents and what I was being taught at the religious school of my fathers belief  which never really made much sense. So for me to find a calling to come home to my authentic self and to share that with others is a gift, a privilege and a joy.

We are being called to step into our own incredible uniqueness and celebrate our differences. We need to bring our differences into everything we do including our relationships or our businesses. So many of us suffocate our differences and uniqueness’s as we grow into adult hood believing we need to be something else in order to achieve and fit in. For most of my life I chased what others determined was success  and as a result I felt empty and it was ultimately not sustainable. It’s beyond miraculous that we even exist in this tiny fraction of time on this tiny planet.

We did not manifest by chance. Each one of us is here for a specific Purpose and that Purpose is to become all we can become and not shrink into smallness.

The miracle of our birth doesn’t have to end at our birth! (Tweet-worthy!)

We were born with eyes to see. We were gifted with this incredible mechanism called the brain. We are being called to use our minds to think. Each one of us was conceived in love and brought into the world with a Purpose. We are part of the whole magnificence that is the Universe. We could save so much energy and misguided effort by recognizing this fact and acting the part of this awareness. But its never too late. It took me half my lifetime to see my way through the distractions. I had to learn it my way and you will need to learn it in your way.

The creator could create nothing different from himself. We are the perfect manifestation of the mind of Source/Universe/Higher Power/God manifesting into the physical.

When we embody this awareness and the fact that we are one with creator, we begin to see the magnificent opportunities which we each have at our disposal. Recognizing this fact puts us in touch with infinite power. The ability to acquire what we need for our growth will increase as we move to higher levels of consciousness and with a beginners mind have less opinions and a broader vision.

Each of us has the ability to put ourselves in harmony with natural law and live a life of peace and happiness.

It’s a great awareness when we realize that all our problems heart aches and failures are in fact our greatest opportunities to learn and grow. I never have guessed that the pain I caused myself and the dysfunction I created all around me would have been the needed ingredients for the awareness I am now growing into.

So could you look in the mirror and say, ” I am natures greatest Miracle!”

Are you ready to answer your inner calling to be more fully expressed in this lifetime?

Would you be willing to champion your differences and  love your uniqueness?

Much Love & Welcome Home,



Ryf Van Rij is a coach and creator of The Daily Way Home. Connect with Ryf via Facebook and Twitter.