You’re going to fail, so why not stop pretending already?

mk_treesHey there my Daily Lover! It’s Mastin.

Jenna and I are on a jet plane right now about to land in London. How cool is technology. We can send you emails and blogs from international flights. Technology never ceases to amaze me!

Jenna and I are spending the next two weeks in Europe doing some traveling for my talks in Dublin, Hamburg, London and two nights in Paris, here and here.

I feel so blessed to be able to travel the world because of The Daily Love and meet so many Daily Lovers. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this life would be possible and also sustainable. I still have that fear that it’s all going to go away at some point. Like it was just all a dream.

And, as I look back over my whole life, this fear has always been there. And the thing I think I fear the most is failure. I fear ruin. I fear being left and not loved. It runs DEEP for me. But as I start to look back over my life, I’ve seen that failure was inevitable. It happened. Again and again.

So, I decided to expect failure rather than pretend like it wasn’t going to happen. This doesn’t mean I gave up. It doesn’t mean I don’t believe in excellence or want an outstanding life, but it does mean I’ve stopped being so darn afraid of failure and freaking out when it happens.

If anything, I’ve failed my way to success. It’s the failures that helped me learn. Failure is just a lesson, it doesn’t mean it’s the end. (Tweet-worthy!)

The only times in my life where I’ve truly failed have been when I’ve chosen to give up, instead of keep going. And at the same time, didn’t want to learn the lesson. When I’ve given up and decided to not see the lesson – that’s when I’ve failed. The good news is, is that failure doesn’t have to be permanent. How did I stop being a failure?

My picking myself back up and learning the lesson. It’s that simple (not always easy, though).

Where in your life have you given up? Where have you decided not to see the lesson and rather complain?

What could the lesson be in the seeming failures in your life and when would NOW be a good time to dust yourself off and try again?

Let me know in the comments down below.

Lots of LOVE from London,


  • enrique mario

    true, when having something good, one of the fears is losing it, but is good to know what you said, thanks, is good to know semingly failure’s just a lession, and that only happens temporarily and is an unavoidable fuel to success

    • The Daily Love

      That’s it, Enrique! Dare greatly! -TDL Team

  • Melanie

    Thank you for this. I know that I have failed at work, letting the fear at what others feel I can accomplish keep me from working towards my dreams. My goal now is to never let others dogma keep me from achieving the things I’ve wanted in life. This was perfect for a fresh start on a Monday morning.

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for reading, Melanie! -TDL Team

  • Stacey

    Perfect! I love Love LOVE this post!

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for reading, Stacey! -TDL Team

  • Nicholas

    I needed this so much Mastin. This blog is genuinely a blessing to my life. I literally had everyone walk out on me about 3 years ago and because of fear of failure it has tooken me so long to start rebuilding my life again. I am so ready to dust myself off and give life a try again. I’m done with being so afraid of everyone and everything. Again thank you.

    • The Daily Love

      So great to hear, Nicholas! -TDL Team

  • Monica

    Beautiful Mastin!! I just love to be a part of this is ever new, always experimental, always expanding Creator. There’s no master plan all finished, waiting for us to figure it out and get it right. There’s no test to pass, no wings to earn, no cut to make. There is nowhere to get to because there is no finish line! We are free to do with this life whatever we choose.

    Much Love!

  • Youre right! This one is big one for most! Well almost all of us! Its a tough lesson and perspective to shift. Yet the more Im doing it and realizing it is a lesson, I find that I can discover more creative ways to proceed. It’s a work in progress, but a great one! Each day, each attempt is a step in the right direction! Thank you M!
    Love, Drew