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Visual Inspiration: There’s No Shortage In The Uni-verse


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Daily Share – Dealing With The Healing…


A breakup is not a pleasant event and is often painful as well. Being betrayed is never a welcome incident and creates … Continue reading →

It Doesn’t Feel Right + Stopping the “Shoulds”

danielle dowling

"It doesn't feel right." Hold up. Pause right there. Even if it doesn’t feel like it: this is a significant place … Continue reading →

Choosing Enligtenment-An Example Of Surrender


We are programmed to believe that we are "only human." We thumb our nose at the moment-to-moment choice of enlightenment … Continue reading →

How To Start Cultivating More Joy (Now)

Kate Swoboda

“We are joy. There’s nothing you need to do, to be joyful. Just allow it and be.” This sort of statement is one of … Continue reading →

Is this your greatest spiritual practice?


There are so many spiritual practices on the planet. But which one is the most powerful? Meditation. Yoga. Doing a … Continue reading →

Have you ever been so spiritual you lost your sense of humor?

Happy Tuesday! I can't wait for Thursday, after long while I'm going to be rolling out some crazy awesome free … Continue reading →

Visual Inspiration: Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You


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Daily Share – I Was Never Lost All Along


Being at the lowest of my recent lows, I always look to twitter to get myself out of bed for the day being as I follow … Continue reading →

How To Transform Stressfulness Into Soulfulness


How To Transform Stressfulness Into Soulfulness                                        Mindfulness 2.0 It’s no … Continue reading →