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Visual Inspiration: The Future Is Completely Open


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Why Strong Connections Don’t Always Lead To Commitment

Kavita J Patel

Have you ever felt a connection with someone that just felt so good and REAL, like there was definitely something … Continue reading →

Your Past Is Like A Bag Of Bricks; Set It Down And Walk Away

Bryant Mcgill

There is hardly anything more agonizing than holding-on to memories of our painful experiences. We all make mistakes, … Continue reading →

Dancing Through The Heartbreak Of Divorce

Kitty Cavalier

This past summer was the hardest of my life. Newly separated from my 11-year relationship and headed towards divorce I … Continue reading →

Visual Inspiration: That’s Not What Ships Are Built For


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Daily Share – Was I In Love With An Illusion?


I met someone with whom I had a wonderful connection. I don't easily open up to people and certainly not enough to … Continue reading →

It’s Time To Drop The Stories That Are Holding You Back

Ashley Cebulka

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been there. You have every intention in the world of going after what you want … Continue reading →

We Are Human…

Robin Lee burgandy102411

I often find that people are very hard on themselves and seem to easily focus on what they consider their flaws and … Continue reading →

How To Feel Better After You Overeat

Alison Leipzig

I was going to a Jamie Lidell concert in Prospect Park with my friend Felissa on a summer Friday. I had a crazy busy day … Continue reading →

Visual Inspiration: We Are Stronger Than Our Circumstances


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