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How to stretch yourself to success


Tomorrow is the big day! We start our awesome new free video training series to celebrate Daily Love Mastery! Check your … Continue reading →

Do your friends celebrate your success?

I remember I used to have someone in my life who I thought was my friend. But as life went on, it became more and … Continue reading →

Visual Inspiration: This Too Will Pass


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Daily Share – I’m Tired Of Living In Fear


I am 33 years old, divorced and facing bankruptcy. I'm also very sick. I spent nearly 6 weeks in the hospital, missing … Continue reading →

Paralysis Of Analysis – Get Off The Fence And Jump


There’s a chicken waiting to cross the road, but every time she is about to take a step she asks herself: "Is now the … Continue reading →

Are You Over-Doing, Over-Giving And Over It?!?


Last week my personal tank was on empty. I had been over-giving, over-doing and was just over it! As a service-oriented … Continue reading →

You Are A Powerful Creator

Jennifer Kass

I’ve always been highly sensitive to my surroundings, feeling the energy of people and places, an intuitive knowing … Continue reading →

Today’s Quotes: Be Happy For This Moment

"Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open." -John Barrymore "Happiness is not … Continue reading →

Start living a self approved life, right now!

Happy Monday! Is there a part of you that just knows that you have the potential to make a massive impact on the … Continue reading →

Visual Inspiration: We Choose What Attitudes We Have Right Now


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