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Are you choosing romantic partners who cause you pain? Here’s how to stop.


If, for some strange reason, you have or still keep attracting lovers who only end up causing you pain, today's words … Continue reading →

Visual Inspiration: Set Your Mind On An Outcome Of Thriving


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Daily Share – How Do I Get Over The Fear Of Disapproval


School's back in session and for those of us wearing our free will "big boy" pants, it's a choice that is easier said … Continue reading →

Visual Inspiration: Every Emotion Has A Purpose


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Daily Share – Why Am I Not Taking Action…Ever?


I keep on repeating in my mind your motto "Take action and make it real", but the thing is that I am not taking action … Continue reading →

What to do when people you care about hurt themselves


Happy Wednesday my Daily Lover. I first want to thank you for all the Love and support of my new book - Daily Love: … Continue reading →

Everything you’ve been told about negative thinking is wrong


We don’t deny the negative, we just put it in the proper context as being miracles for our own growth. Many times in the … Continue reading →

Visual Inspiration: Keep Going


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Daily Share – It Just Wasn’t Meant To Be…


I've fallen in love with a man that I can't have. It's the worst feeling in the world. I can physically feel the ache … Continue reading →

Visual Inspiration: Our Intuition Is Never Wrong


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