Mastin interviews Gabby Bernstein about how she turned rock bottom into her life's purpose! → Check it out!

Everything you’ve been told about negative thinking is wrong


We don’t deny the negative, we just put it in the proper context as being miracles for our own growth.Many times in the … Continue reading →

Visual Inspiration: Keep Going


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Daily Share – It Just Wasn’t Meant To Be…


I've fallen in love with a man that I can't have. It's the worst feeling in the world. I can physically feel the ache … Continue reading →

Visual Inspiration: Our Intuition Is Never Wrong


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Daily Share – Why Is He Being So Difficult?


Heart broken is how I feel. My fiance and I broke up earlier this year wedding was suppose to be this summer. He was the … Continue reading →

Visual Inspiration: A Limiting Belief Is Not Ultimately True


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Daily Share – How Do You Move On? Or Do You Keep Trying?


After reading some stories on the site I would like to share a little of my story of unrequited love how to hard it can … Continue reading →

Are you living a shadow career?


I've been rereading Steven Pressfield's newest book Turning Pro. It's a follow up to his AMAZING book The War of … Continue reading →

Visual Inspiration: Failure Can Be A Great Teacher


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Daily Share – My Heart Still Breaks


Hi, I'm trying to recover from a breakup, with a man who said he would marry me. I'm older, 50, and married before, no … Continue reading →